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Some comments about the site (from
danno writes:

quickly tell you how a product sucks based on previous users' reviews

christoph2005 writes:
Collection of negative voices about lots and lots of products

ekalvi writes:
Funny idea. Aggregating only the "sucky" product reviews. Perhaps confusing, but refreshing.

MelinaCross writes:
wow...better than consumer reports!

tekniklr writes:
Collects just the negative reviews for products on Amazon, and tells you how much (and why) they suck.

archangel77 writes:
This page generates suckage graphs from the ratings at

mohammadi writes:
Seems useful whenever want to buy a new gadget/software/game ...

And my personal favorite, by adirondacks:
Uh, oh. A negative review scraper. Things could get ugly. I can't wait to see a travel version.

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