FAQ - Part I

1. What is HowItSucks.com all about?
HowItSucks (HiS) teaches you how products suck based on the experiences of other consumers.

2. Why call out bad things about products? What about the good things?
Many comparison shopping sites and product reviews will tell you what's good about a product. The point of HiS is to highlight the poor experiences other users have had with that product. If you decide to buy the product anyway, well, that's your choice. At least you know what you're getting into.

3. Where do the reviews come from?
Currently, we are getting reviews from Amazon. We plan to add other sources of reviews.

4. What is the HiS rating?
The HiS rating is a proprietary rating system that includes all reviews in our database and is based on recent product reviews (i.e. not two year old reviews that are completely outdated now).

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